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This page contains details of various audio illusion recordings, as well as links to an assortment of others. This page has quite a few images, so it can take a bit longer to load. Please be patient.

the year of 1900

The New Holland Honey Eaters ~ The Year of 1900
March 2001

The New Holland Honey Eaters specialise in traditional music (mostly pre-1945) from the south-eastern United States, including Anglo-Celtic and Afro-American traditional music, minstrelsy, ragtime, Tin Pan Alley tunes and songs, rural hymnody, Cajun music, gospel, jug band music, Hawaiian music, cowboy music, and swing and blues.


Ephar ~ Show Me
February 2001

Show me is a compilation of original songs resulting from collaborations between Keith Farwell and Mike Raine (who together make Ephar). Keith was mainly responsible for the lyrical content while Mike dealt mainly with musical aspects.


The Craggs ~ The Craggs
March 2001

The Craggs play original folk music that reflects the environment and relaxed lifestyle of Tasmania. The music is contemporary folk that has undertones of jazz.

circular road

Neil Gardner ~ Circular Road
December 2001

Neil has recorded five albums; "Anthem for Wednesday", "Said the Blackbird", Gardner's Ginger Mixture", "Star-crossed Plovers" and now "Circular Road". While the first took many years each to record, this was finished in head-spinningly quick time, less than a year. Read what Drumbeat had to say about it.

shimmer's cd

shimmer ~ shimmer
Available one day

to the ranelagh collection

mike raine ~ the ranelagh collection
December 1999

Mike's first solo CD is a compilation of songs that cover over twenty years of writing. They were all originally recorded (very laboriously and with considerable juggling of tracks) on four track before being converted to digital for this CD.

to details of shallow man

mike raine ~ the quintessential shallow man
November 2000

This is Mike's second solo CD. Like his first, "the ranelagh collection", it contains seventeen songs that span about twenty years of writing. The songs were all recorded over the last half of 1999 and the first half of 2000. In keeping with the theme of the first CD, these songs give an insight into Mike's febrile and prurient imagination.

to details of 'accidentally yours'

mike raine ~ accidentally yours
December 2001

"accidentally yours" is Mike's third solo effort. Recorded throughout 2001, it features song-writing collaborations with a number of friends and acquaintances; Keith Farwell, Glen Sward, George Kennedy and Deanna Petrushevski. Like previous CDs, there is a wide range of tastes and styles represented here.

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